Traditional Medicine

Traditional Medicine deals with the knowledge of ancient medicine. The skills and practices of this primitive medicine are based on theories, beliefs and the experiences related to different cultures, are used in maintenance of health and in prevention, treatment, improvement, diagnosis of physical and mental illness. It is also termed as alternative or complementary medicine. Herbal treatments are more popular usage method of traditional medicine.

• East Asian: - Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Mongolian, Tibetan
• South and Southeast Asian: - Ayurveda (Indian) Jamu (Indonesian) Dweep Unani Siddha (South Indian) Sri Lankan Thai Unani and Vietnamese.
• Middle Eastern: - Ancient Iranian, Byzantine Irani.
• African: - Ancient Egyptian, Iboga, Muti, Nganga, Hausa, Saltigue, South Africa, Yorùbá.
• Americas: -Aztec, Brazilian, Curandero, Kallawaya, Mapuche, Maya, Chumash.
• European: -Ancient Greek, Roman, Western Europe.
• Other: - Australian Bush, Islamic.
• General: -Alchemy, Ethnomedicine, Health care, Herbalism, Humorism, Naturopathy, Prehistoric, Shamanism