Unani and Siddha Medicine

Medical practitioners perform Unani medicine, which began in ancient Greece but is currently mostly practiced in the Middle East and South Asia. It focuses on the various health and disease states. Health problems are seen in Unani medicine as a normal process, and symptoms as the body's response to the illness. There are several ways to prevent and treat sickness with unani medicine. Herbs, minerals, and animal extracts are used in the treatment of various disorders under this system.

They believe it to be India's oldest ancient medical system, as well as the mother medicine for ancient Tamils in peninsular South India. According to Tamil, it signifies "perfection" or "perfection". Mystical alchemy and mysticism are combined with ancient therapeutic techniques to create the Siddha Medicine, an alternative school of medicine. When the Indus civilization arose, it's thought to have been the first. As a result of Siddha medicine, the disease-causing body organs are said to be revived and rejuvenated.

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