Unani Medicine

Unani also was known as Yunani medicine, Unani Tibb, Arabian medicinal drug, or Islamic Remedy, is actually a Greek medicine which was considered to be traditional medicine by Persians and Arabians. It is practiced mostly in South Asia and modern central Asia. According to Unani, the management of any disease depends upon the diagnosis of the disease. Though Unani medicine was practiced by Muslim medicine men commonly known as Hakims, it is mostly based on herbal medicine, different minerals and metals like gold, silver iron, copper etc. Also depends upon indigenous mineral abstracts like snake venom, juice extracted from liverand kidneys of monkeys, goats and other cattle and birds. Plants extracts like honey, herbs, and fruits as well as flowers and seeds of medicinal plants are also used in the Unani system of medicine.

• Basic Principles of Unani Medicines
• Herbs and Healing
• Safety Considerations
• Research in Unani Medicines
• Behavioral Medicine
• The Seven Components of Unani Medicine